A Roundtable with President Barack Obama: The Cost of Education


I thought I understood how the loans were
gonna work when I started, and it’s talking about the interest that’s
accruing every day. Right.
So, that’s a little scary to look at. At the same time that college has become
more important, it’s become so much more expensive and complicated than
it used to be. Yeah.
And, it, it, it is just not possible for the parents to be able to finance you
know, a, a bunch of kids all at the same time. And, and that’s where, society’s just
gotta make an investment. I have the honor and the pleasure of
introducing, President Barack Obama. Hello Atlanta. The reason I want to come here today is
because I believe that higher education, as you believe is one of the best
investments that anybody can make in their future. We’re trying to make sure that across the
board, more and more young people can afford to go to
college, and then afterwards, aren’t so burdened with
debt that you can’t do anything else. We’re, we’re gonna try something new. It doesn’t involve new spending or
bureaucracy. It’s just a simple organizing principle,
that I want all of us to sign on to. A declaration of values. What I’m calling a Student Aid Bills of
Right, a Student Aid Bill of Rights. And it says, every student deserve access
to a quality affordable education. Every student should be able to access the
resources to pay for college. Every borrower has the right to an
affordable repayment plan. Every borrower, has the right to quality
customer service, reliable information, and fair treatment even if they struggle
to repay their loans. It’s a simple set of principles, that if
everybody signed onto, it can focus our attention into one simple
basic idea, which is, make sure that when you’re doing the right thing
that you’re society has got your back. Thank you, everybody. God bless you. Thank you. Hello, everybody. Hi. You got your crew here. We do, we do. We have our great students right here. How are you? Gabriel. Gabriel?
Nice to see you man. Good to see you. Hi how are you. Hi I’m Meyers. Good to see you. Hey how you doing? What’s your name? Antoine. Good to see you Antoine. Good to see you too. Alright. Hi I’m Laura. Hey Laura.
Good to see you. So how’s it goin everybody? It’s goin all right. So, today, I’ve, I have been focused on
college affordability, which is I assume is on everybody’s minds. Yeah
Yeah Didn’t you just pay off your loans in 2004. Yes. 2000, basically the year I was elected to
Senate. The year before I became a US Senator, was when we when we finished paying off
all of our loans. Combined, Michelle and mine bill was
higher than our mortgage. And, right now student debt, is actually
higher than credit card debt. Over 40 million people currently with
student debt. Yeah.
So this is a, a massive generational challenge. Yeah
There are all kinds of things that we can do. But it’s gonna require cooperation between
the states, who have to put more money into it, the federal government, who have
to think about how we can lower the debt burden and make sure it’s
managed better the student. And the parents who are gonna have to be,
get, be better consumers and so a lot of what we’re trying to do is like,
know before you owe. And figure out how to, you know, for
example graduate on time. One of the things students think about is,
oh, I’ll take five years, I’ll take fewer credits. Not thinking about the fact that, if
you’re not out in four years, you know, each, each semester that you’re taking,
you know, that’s just more debt so that’s important. And then, working with the schools to
partner with community colleges, and even partner with high schools, because you guys have already taken some
college courses, right? Yes.
Yes, sir. I read a little bit about your, each of
your backgrounds. Give me a a sense of sort of how you think
about affording college, maybe we’ll start with the folks who are already in school
now and how you’re thinking about debt. Did you feel like, you had enough
information. Cuz I, I know from Michelle and my perspective, we didn’t have a lot of
guidance going in. We had to kinda make it up as we went
along. How have things gone for you guys
generally? We were talking, Laura and I, about, about
this earlier. Yeah, so when I was in high school, I’m
from Sarasota, Florida. And there really wasn’t much guidance as
far as how to prepare for college besides, you know, take AP
classes. Right
That kind of thing. Right. So, my senior year, I pretty much got like
a game plan down. Yeah.
I applied for about 50 scholarships my senior year, and
I wrote about 70 essays. Yeah, it was pretty crazy. Yeah, it is.
It was like, it was hard to keep up good grades while
doing that. I can only imagine, yeah. Yeah and. How did that turn out? It actually turned out really well for me. But my little brother is currently going
through the same thing that I went through as a senior. He’s really struggling. So, it probably won’t be the same for him. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that was pretty
enterprising of you to, to have that ability to go out there and
find it on your own. So I would say my situation is very
similar to yours, as unfortunately, I have a few scholarships pay my way
through school right now, so. That’s great
So yeah
That’s why you got a smile on your face
Yeah That’s outstanding. I just wanna see like, I guess me
personally wanna see that, that opportunity like, I guess. Available for everybody
Right. Available for everybody
So how about, how about for you? I’m from Georgia, so I had the
opportunity, if I stayed in state, to receive the Zell
Miller Hope scholarships. Exactly. That’s for high school students who keep a
certain grade point average and it’s financed by the Georgia lottery,
right? Yes. Yeah.
So, my first year in college I had a
combination of student loans and the Zell Miller scholarship. My parents have been also taking out
private loans from 401K to help pay for my school so I’m gonna have some debt to
pay off afterwards, for sure. Are there other issues that you think
would have helped you or that surprised you when you were going
through this whole process? I thought I understood how the loans were
gonna work when I started, and they said, you won’t have to start paying
off your loans until after school. Mm-hm
And I get email quarterly that update me on
what my loan status is, and it’s talking about the interest that’s
accruing every day. Right.
So, it’s a little scary to look at, too. Yeah.
Yeah. Now, Michelle’d spoken to your school,
right? Yes.
Was she well behaved? She, she didn’t cause a ruckus? No. Okay, I wanna make sure. And then part of her message was
encouraging folks to know how to apply to schools, have a, have a, a broader range of schools that they were
looking at, knowing what’s possible. So you guys are just going, about to go
through this process. How, how, how are you thinking about it? And so, honestly, like, I’ve always been
that top student, so academics is easy. And I have a Presidential scholarship, but
with the cost of living, room and board, tuition, and extra fees it’s still, it’s almost no putting a dent in the
financial piece of what I need. And so, it’s almost like scholarships
don’t matter. And also, Antoine you were talking about,
you know, you got a great scholarship. Yeah, yeah.
So I have, I’m an oldest of six children. Mm-hm.
I have younger siblings like directly behind me, one year, two year and they
plan on attending college as me, as well. And I, fortunately I have a scholarship
and I, I will be attending college. But the question is, like, how would they
able to attend? Right.
Back to back in a two year span? Right.
You know, for families like yours where you’ve got a
bunch of kids and, you know, mom who’s working, maybe dad’s
not in the home. You know, that’s how it was for me, I had
my grandparents who were helping. It, it is just not possible for the
parents to be able to finance you know, a bunch of kids all at the same time. And, and that’s where society’s just got
make an investment. At the same time that college has become
more important, it’s become so much more expensive and complicated than
it used to be. Yeah.
And for most people your parent’s age. Mm-hm. You know, the cost particularly of an
in-state school was pretty modest. You might have a little bit of debt but by
the time you came out, it was the kind of debt that you could pay
off in a year, maybe two years. And that shifted. Two things happened. One was that state legislatures, significantly cut back on their support
for state universities and colleges. So all of these things have changed that
make it more challenging for all of you. And that’s part of why what we’ve done,
is, first of all, cut out the banks from the student loan
program. So that the money is going directly to
students. That left more money for to For Pell
Grants and, and things like that. Now what we’re doing is we’re spending a
lot of time working with colleges to have figure out how you keep costs down. And how do you make sure students coming
in know what they’re going owe? Because one of the big problems is that
university will recruit. And say don’t worry. Mm-hm. Yeah. You’ll be fine. You don’t hear anything about it. But you don’t know what, and then in your
excerpt interview, as you’re about to leave, somebody in the financial aid
office says, oh, by the way-. Here’s your bill. Interest has been accruing, here’s how
much debt you got, here’s what your monthly payment looks
like. Right. And it’s challenging. One of the things that I proposed this
year was, making community colleges free. For a lot of students the community
colleges is the pathway even to get into a four year university. Right.
And if you can make that free then they can
transfer credits, and then the fewer classes you have to take at the four year
institution which is more expensive, you know, the less that you’re gonna have. It may turn that your siblings, some of
them, if they don’t get scholarships, may have to use this community college
route first. It’s still gonna be a good investment for
them though. There is a difference of about $28,000 a
year, between the average salary of somebody who’s a
college grad and somebody who’s not. I mean, it’s a huge spread. So even if you’re taking on debt, it’s
still gonna pay off. Previous generations, they had no debt. And as a consequence, earlier on they
could start buying a home, or they could start a business. Mm-hm.
Yeah. You know, they were just able to save
money. And for my generation, even, but certainly the folks coming behind me, a
lot of folks, you know, they’re in their 40s and they’ve still got
loans that they’re paying on, which means that, you know, where that
money could have been used for them to start a, start a life, you know,
might have been different. I have a question, if I’m allowed. Of course. America used to fund, you were mentioning a well, the states
used to fund education a lot more. America used to fund education a lot more. And now, we have a system where the
government actually makes money off of, of the federal wealth. How do we get back to funding education
and, off the money that in many cases has
already been spent. Well, couple things I’d say. First of all, at the state legislative
level, governors and state legislators have to understand that
probably the most important competitive advantage they now have is the
quality of their workforce. Mm-hm. So you are defeating yourself if you’re
cutting back on education spending, and it’s important for higher education. But they used to know that. What happened? Well, part of what happened was the, the
no tax mentality locked in. Once you started capping revenues, at the
same time as things like three strikes are out,
criminal laws we’ve got into place. Now you’ve got a huge demand for more
prison cells. That money starts getting siphoned off
into a different place. Healthcare costs start going and fairness to a lot of states they had to
figure out how to pay for Medicaid. So all those dollars start moving away
from higher education. And you know, the idea of charging tuition
and putting the burden back on the user, the
student, that became the, the path of least resistance from a lot of
universities. Now, you can make that up, by raising
taxes. But once again it comes down to the
choices that we make as a society. Do we think this is important enough that
we want to make that investment. And I think we should. Not everybody’s gonna have to have a
four-year degree. But everybody’s gonna have to have
something about what they were doing in high school. Unless, you know, unless you’re Lebrun
James, or, you know, or Kanye. Anyone have a last question for the
President? Suddenly, we’re out of time. I was just wanting to know what you were
hoping to get from talking to students in Atlanta. You know the, I’ll be honest with you,
some of it’s completely selfish on my part when I talk to you guys I, I I get
inspired. You know, I get excited about what the
future holds because, you know, I’m, I’m now 53. Malia’s starting to look at colleges now. So I’ve got a little bit of perspective. And when I talk to you guys I, I, I get
inspired. You know, I, I get excited about what the
future holds. The world’s in good hands. We got, we got a next generation of people
who are gonna do great stuff. And that makes me encouraged. You guys, you guys encourage me. Thank you.
All right? Thank you, Mr. President for taking the
time. I enjoyed it. Thank you. You guys want to take a picture together? Yes. Just, just so you can send it to mom. Oh, yeah. Hey mom. All right, everybody say cheese. Cheese. When she selects nuance it’s, you know? Cheese. We good?
Okay, we got it. Thank you. Fantastic. Thank you for coming into our, our studio. Good luck to you. Thank you. Good to see. Congratulations your parents must be so
proud of you. It’s funny.
Take care. All right.


  1. Making community college free is a great start to keep the student debt down. I'm currently in community college since I still did not know what was I going to do in life and had no plan on paying a four year university. The only thing I'm missing is going to parties and drinking my liver away. I go to school fully paid in financial aid and at night I work as an assistant for the English as second language program in work study. If I would have gone back to the fall after graduating high school, I would redo it all over again.

  2. I am not satisfied with comments. 50years I have researched rate of return in education. We should differentiate private and social rate of return. As far as I know the social rate of return is higher so we can without fear invest in education because it is so.
    If we ignore it compare money 2008 where through bailout billions $ were printed by Federal Reserve.
    Or money for war operation from Vietnam, Iraq, …. Now with Isils..
    The last option if we negate these two suggestion, can we try to connect faith and science, connect heart and mind…
    Through my last research I have proved that between three kinds of human capital ( moral, intellectual, and social) the most important is moral. It explains 85% of variance.
    In conclusion we should look for honest and knowledgeable persons who will create decision making, where money for education will not be problem.

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  6. Obama brings up a great point. When you cap revenue (i.e. not raise taxes), yet at the same time implement wasteful laws and regulations (like the 3 strikes you're out), you essentially either have to cut education support or take on massive amount of debt.

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  8. As an outsider it is such a weird thing to me that students in the US agree on taking loans on which the bank (or whoever) has the right to change the interest along the way. And that they're talking about it like it's normal and not totally corrupt. Obama still seems like an intelligent and generally good person to me but I wonder what role he played/ is playing in things like the TTIP that they're trying to push on to Europe. I'm not down for this type of shit seeping into my country, tho it seems to have already begun 🙁

  9. I'm not in any way an expert but I do read a little bit about student loans and this is just my understanding of what was asked @ 12:18. When Shane Smith asked about why the shift from state to federal it really sounded like he was given the run around. Basically, and I could be wrong, the shift was made so that money made from student loans could supplement the healthcare changes. The intention ( that isn’t working) was to use the money made from student loans to pay for “Obamacare”. Before the switch students for the most part had lower interest rates. many states had interest rates at half if not more of what they are now. The bottom line is this change increased interest rates and students/parents will pay more for education. …Smith's question I thought was pretty straight forward. I wish the round table consisted of other people who understood enough to have a better conversation but I guess that's the point of having high school kids ask questions.

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    What America needs is a federal university system that is not laughed at, but which includes an extremely rigorous challenging curriculum, which teaches cutting edge stuff.

    Lastly, Obama is misleading people by saying a degree on average gets people a higher salary. Of course on average it does, because doctors, lawyers, managers, engineers etc. are having high salaries. But the majority of degrees these days from the majority of colleges will not lead to high salaries at all.

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  18. Or how about this,why blue collar jobs get thrown in holes? the problem is not the scholarships but the fact that every young person for some reason is under the assumption that if you become an economist,a lawyer a corporate worker for a big firm or some thing like that,you have essentially succeeded,but if you become an electrician,blacksmith or for an example woodworker you have failed?!
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  19. As usual big words but unfortunately, even if I fancy his charisma, building a bill of student rights and making yourself available to a bunch of student doesn't make this project viable… Everyone agrees that parents and students should be able to graduate on time and not think about their loans, but the system, I'm talking the college system (affording it, debating about it, figuring it out on your own) is fundamentally wrong… It's so useless to talk about the costs. Make all the schools public like in France and people would be grateful. In France, people pay 1000€ a year for a very good scholarship. You will tell me that America is number 1 in regards to results (scientific). But, seriously, when are going to have a real discussion about the future of our kids – not only education… "Society has to make an investment.." Really? 20 years ago you couldn't pay your debt in a year come on…

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    "You shouldn't have gone for a liberal arts or useless degree"
    "Got lucky, had inheritance, scholarships or family connected to the school, had good grades." mentality.

    It is all bull crap. And reason why – College is a scam anymore, a daycare for adults we say. And when they say you can't make it without a degree in such professions is a cop out. You lose and forgot more than 90% what they teach you in school. Most of it is also irrelevant or better put useless in the out in the field workforce world that we live in. Back in the 60's to late 90's people could survive really well on a part time to a full time job and never have to shell out to a debt that would take your life to pay off, and constantly have to dread those papers in the mail every week or month. Trades, training, shadowing and internships are more the way to go. But still, I don't believe anything these people talk about or question because it is all a bubble monopoly made by banks and the state's schools to keep the masses in a controlled path.

    You as a student or adult going into this have to understand that being in such an advanced defense and lucrative country we live in that we should not have to worry about a single cent to furthering your education and bettering yourself. You are sacrificing years of your life to subjects, studies and burnout same suppositories that have been spoken in rerun over the past half century. Same teachers, same books, same wooden bound classrooms and monotonous speeches only to obtain the most expensive piece of paper ever that could easily be burned, unused or still not get a job with it. I know people with master's degrees in the fields they enjoy working as a manager at a restaurant. Also people in their fields that depress over what they have to do in their relevant fields with that degree to pay it off. I can go on about how much of this is a big problem in america. We are the richest, most profound opportunity making country in the world, and yet we still struggle with housing, medical, school, disease and homeless? And you try to throw down people's throats that you have to go to college and be put in debt? That is the mindset society has put out and it is disgusting. So what if you were to get a degree in a liberal field or arts degree? You should still get that education without heavy cost and do what you love and enjoy doing, if you throw that away because you have to get a degree in Law or Business for money than you are lying to yourself and your happiness on what you want to pursue. And NEVER go into college for the sole purpose of wanting to make lots of money, you won't be able to take it with you when you die or things get tough. I met and traveled to 3rd world counties who are poor and uneducated, who don't have jobs or do and struggle for very little money but they are happy because they don't have debts, open world. They don't have debts and loans on their conscience.

    Continuing about the education and job market. Being so difficult and forced to have degrees in order to get a better job is another excuse to cut out the population from all having a better way of life, in which all should be regardless. Nobody should be homeless, poor, starving or struggling in the cold to make a living for them and their family. This has always been about the propaganda behind schools and what banks, insurances and government branches can make off of such things. Elon Musk, Bill Gates and even presidents of the United States in the past never had no Harvard or college degree and yet they became some of the most successful people in the world. They were just the lucky few on this earth that were picked, managed to innovate and climb out of the pit to become somebody rich, powerful or connected. So go ahead and agree to everything they say on these videos whether it is black or white on it's conversation. Education and bettering yourself for all mankind should be a human right and should not cost a thing when you devote your life, love, family, expenses and time over it. Get with the times world, technology does it all for us now. And I believe you should be able to walk into any profession, be any expert at anything without a degree as long as you put in the time, effort and hands on experience with whatever company or person you choose to work for to get that living, cause I can learn anything in this world if given the time to practice and learn it and not from a piece of paper that tells me I can be. Wake up, fight for it, revolt for it, change it people!

  47. Society needs to make investment (with no choice and no voice)
    500 billion goes to military
    2billion goes to education
    Every year, message you cant choose but its your fault:)

  48. Reading these comments trying to bad mouth President Obama amazes me I guarantee you Trump dumb azz couldn't sit down and have a round table discussion, Hell he'll tell them to go rake the forest to help prevent forest fires!!!

  49. But what if you never thought you could go to college because you could not afford it and was scared to even try. It almost seems like a weight to but on your parents.

  50. I called the trump shut down… I could have saved you 6 billion if not more…. give me a reason to retire… oh… don't email me.

  51. I thought I was going to shit myself ,hen Obama said he was inspired wit the next generation… I see new Antifa high depends on left are right side of fence,

  52. Man, I really miss Obama. He had a lot of flaws within his presidency, like all President's do, but he had such character and and eloquence and always seemed to genuinely care about the people he was elected to lead. Trump is such a joke, its not even rational to try to actually compare the two in any terms, let alone demeanor, grace, intelligence, etc.

    Not to mention, I watched another interview with Obama and Shane today and its crazy to hear Shane in both interviews address President Obama as "Mr. President" and he addresses him with a certain level of admiration that is astonishing when I think of the "leadership" were currently doomed with. I can't imagine anyone addressing Trump as Mr President, let alone with the same amount of respect when doing so.


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