Analytics in Action: Empirical Findings from an Online Learning Program Pilot of A4L


So, this presentation I call “Learning Analytics in Action: Empirical Findings from an online program pilot.” doing Action Resources are comfortable to me but it was a great process for me to go through. mom’s I hope you understand the process that can be used to run an A4L pilot. In my case, in an online program. hate an online program the The second point is being really trying to generate and gather feedback and documentation of what is the impact of A4L at your institution. enough to just throw it out there but really to gather evidence and then I hope that you’ll come to come back next year wanting to share your own failures about what you’ve learned in using an ellipse tell me about Boise State University we are located in the in Boise Idaho beautiful town if you never been before as of fall 2017 be about twenty four thousand students and none of those are undergraduates I work in the eCampus witches are fully online programs and courses we have 20 fully online through this and about 43% of our students at Boise State on some kind of Our Endless journey is that we’ve been experimenting with antlers for a while to you campus we have been using has a built-in reports and Blackboard to create these retention reports that we get out to people and then earlier this year we begin for a minute k 4 L until we’ve been in that Sprint technical process of past years and now we’re really looking to how do we Implement that fit to improve skin success intentions in Arkansas so so the first thing we did is we decide to do a pilot project that’s kind of how we like to do things around our institution so we partnered with one of our only online programs and send it to the nearest degree completion program so that means that your students who have had stopped out of the University but I can come back and they can take kind of a set of four classes to finish their degree focusing on things like leadership and teamwork but it’s really kind of gathering all the credits to have already and and help them since they’re completely online it’s really focused on not traditional didn’t even see some numbers they are about how they are not traditional utilizes the iTouch advising model submitting that there is a low ratio of a visor so do they call it a wife love or concierge service altitude we piloted it April and 7 courses with seven different prophecies about 338 total sample reports that can be shared with other people who might want to Pilot a Pharrell a list of best practices and Lessons Learned in the online suit intervention process sample program possibly any empirical data to show the impact the intervention and a research report for setting on the pilots of the first is pilot group when we kind of identify key information that they would need in order to you know if they want to see use analytics what would the information so you know they identified some things we took if we can get you this by giving you this report and we did a few presentations nothing nothing super big but you know and then we talked about how they wanted them delivered to them using SSRS it wasn’t the most elegant solution but please set a reminder with report every week of you know what was happening then we kind of went through with the program we did find a workflow ride how this information should be used know when the semester is should be in what should happen when you know exactly member Caesar important information about student who should they contact between the family members in the advise if you can work out this Cadence for how April should be used in a poker and then this is the most important things that we did is we wanted to remember earlier document the dimensions and because of the Season 8 for Alan it’s reports in there there wasn’t like an integrated system of a way of capturing what we were doing around so I mentioned before that we sent out a report on a weekly basis to The Faculty members in the advisors and what we did did you do anything as a result of the report that you see this week what students did you reach out to them to say was approved about this report and we did a midterm survey with this actually not even mine is like 7 of them so they know they are most likely found the reports useful least 66% getting this in their email and they were disposable rainbow sings the consensus was that the number of log-ins was the most important for them minutes that is a minute maybe the next one thing we were kind of had a good sense of what was going on with the students grade and so they may be didn’t need that information other things like login that wasn’t immediately Bank of Erath open ended questions I hate these the bride a method they held in either identify someone. Of my radar or what I already knew about the benefits of days, I like to know how long is students working and interacting with last word is it now it might have been working very hard and excelling interesting information mean adding ordering prisonsuit technologist hard worker effort little something that we wanted to dig into a little bit more and I think we’re we’re trying to with the the data is you know it’s a lot of time to do not always a linear relationship between units in the courts and overall grade it could be an indication that a student is Drexel design process with horses computer use 56% of Faculty said they are more likely to use their likely to use a problem in the future we got some feedback on I apologize for skipping through the meteors. Intervention intervention that came out of using April Report with an email to the student and we have some different things you’ll notice it on the back of the side we had an option for no action and I was usually because the package member already knew it was happening so they didn’t feel the need to do anything as a result of one thing we didn’t want to do is we wanted to examine the possible impact of using a free all night he’s around here somewhere new edition my team is been really helpful in and what I basically did was I print this a long word document of all the students had received an intervention and I wanted to know what happened after they receive from April received the intervention and then we looked at one week after that to see if there was any change two weeks and then did their activity level increase or decrease after one week because I’m a little bit that second week there’s still no significant difference in the the amount of interactions of the students are at our duty as a result of that April coming through this you know we can’t like foot anything solely on the shoulders of April and April business this is all about the intervention process all about the animation process if we have the ability to go out and reach out till April to help us do is to identify those students that need the most help we didn’t we didn’t close the retention number 260, the program level in the spring we talked about 5% increase in consumer retention in hubballi online program in Antelope but this is the real impact of Zachary Levi was working with with April it’s kind of a qualitative stories that we were able to know the second one as soon was struggling financially and invited her was able to refer them to the dean of students where they receive that was enacted through April a student was able to get food and and again it’s very difficult to tease apart of the effect of a Pharrell and the effect of the intervention but we do know is that April identify these students like this student Benjamin come out of a week later and said I’m just really struggling they’re failing your classes because I have no money I need food but if we have the information for death but it is a crisis situation right in the fast Lessons Learned in the process when the pilot April the tool not a Super Bowl what kind of came in saying that exist in your in your toolbox interventions batter and they can also be a black box I think earlier is like you know I know but I don’t know what to say and that’s something that we need to look more into the intervention needed I don’t want to keep track of those things on a document we need a government conversation or starting to have that what you say and then support training and work was needed so thank Thank you.


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