Campus & Online Mother/Son Duo Graduate from Ashford University


My name is Claudia Cattage. Online was
better for me because I was able to work full-time and
take care of my responsibilities. My name is Joe Lightfoot. I love the
community on campus. It’s like one big family. It just so happened that Joseph came to
play basketball at Ashford University and at the same time, I was looking for a
program to pursue my masters degree in. My mom is not actually done with getting her degree.
She’s getting her master’s degree. She wants to go on to get her doctorate degree. My mother’s never
satisfied with education it seems. I had a special opportunity to graduate with my mother. It’s unbelievable. Now I’m gonna start working on the
certification for Autism and special needs students. Pursuing a
degree from Ashford and accomplishing that goal will help me better serve the children and
families in the Chicago community. My career goal? I want to eventually become
an athletic director over at my high school. As a young kid, she always
instilled in me that I was going to go to college. It wasn’t an option in my house. I
was going to go to college and I was going to graduate. She was always telling me how important that
was. So to be able to do it with her, just
takes things to a whole other level. I think we both accomplished what we set out
to accomplish. Ashford was the venue for us to get the job done and do it well. my


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