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Are you tired of online colleges and universities
that only offer degrees? Are you looking for an online education that doesn’t focus only
on education? Well look no further because College University
Technical College Online is an online education just what the professor prescribed.
Instead of boring curriculum, or educational resources, CUTCO focuses on providing a complete
college experience. And more than just using a lanyard to carry
your school ID, or inappropriately wearing your high school athletic gear, CUTCO provides
its students with a full range of collegiate opportunities. At CUTCO you can attend a frat
party, join an intramural sports team or just hang out in your dorm room. Dorm room not
included. Looking to meet that special someone? College
is a great time to sleep around. At CUTCO you can find yourself a special sweetheart,
check out a new babe, have a threesome, or just try something new. Remember you’re a
college student! You’re just working through a phase. CUTCO strongly encourages students
to practice safe sex. CUTCO offers manageable class sizes of just
you. This allows students to sleep through a class, skip a class, befriend a professor,
or just cheat on a test. That’s the ticket. You’ll be cum laude in no time.
No quad? No problem! You can still enjoy all the fun in the sun activities from you down
house such as grilling up some lunch, going streaking, or a rousing game of beer pong.
Ha ha! In your face you stupid bitch. Hungry fella? Just because you go to school online
doesn’t mean you can’t eat like a college student. CUTCU’s meal plan consists of one
cup or ramen noodles, peanut butter, and one late night drunk pizza delivery service phone
number. Just watch out for the freshman fifteen. More than anything a CUTCO degree prepares
you for life in the real world because you have real life experience. And what is it
that you do sir? I write mean comments on YouTube videos. CUTCO did a phenomenal job
preparing me for life in the real world. I can’t thank them enough. Now if you’ll excuse
me, I have to get back to my nap. CUTCO offers opportunities off campus from
studying abroad, to internships, and even spring break.
So what are you waiting for? Call now, and get started avoiding all the work of actually
achieving a degree. This offer expires at midnight just like Cinderella.
So that’s pretty much everything I did in college. Um, if you like the video please
subscribe if you don’t like the video please subscribe. My name is Max No Sleeves and I’ll
see you next tuesday. And. Awesome guys, really cool. Fuck you.


  1. Omg. Stop pestering them to get back together! You have no idea what their relationship was like behind closed doors. It obviously wasn't working. I'm sure they are both in a lot of pain right now and this constant online pestering is just rubbing it in! GAWD.

  2. you're an ass you totally called jenna out about the whole "i say mean things to people on youtube" -___- so mean! she still loves you!

  3. Apparently you live on the internet to post pleas about Max and Jenna getting back together. You don't know them from anywhere else than from the internet. You don't know them, period. You don't know why they broke up. If you did know them, you wouldn't post those comments on their pages, 'cause that'd be just rude and insensitive, right? Their relationships and personal lives are none of your business and not for your entertainment, stop commenting as if they were. All of you.

  4. and you say that you did all this stuff in college but I really hope you didnt get a blow job from a horse… that is frowned upon in most cultures

  5. She's saying they should….. Which I think is annoying. I don't know if they are getting back together, but its their decision, not ours.

  6. Ah, I see…. I don't really like Max's videos anyway so I don't really care. As you said, it is their decision. What WOULD be tragic is if Shane and Lisa broke up. ;A;

  7. Max is from Boston. I'm assuming you've seen the news today. Why don't you give him a break and post something comforting?

  8. People! Max is from Boston! If you had your family, friends, and life in a city that was just under attack, don't you think that you would have more important things to do than upload a video.
    I look forward to his videos every week just as much as the next subscriber, but give the man (and Jenna tomorrow) a break!

  9. There's actually a thing called CUTCO, it's a place that sells knives and can openers and other kitchen utensils, my Grandma is a CUTCO saleswoman xD They also have a Zombie Knife!

  10. actually…i'm transgender…and that word doesn't even offend me…it's pretty much the equivalent to the word "black" in relation to african americans…

  11. Really Max?!?!?! "I write mean comments on YouTube videos." Everyone knows that is directed toward Jenna…you are such a douchebag

  12. I'm displeased. My friend resides on the floor above me. I'm annoyed because he recently grew really good at seducing girls. He went to the Master Attraction site by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). All he's doing now is banging women. He's continually having ladies back and I can't help but hear it. It's yucky and I wish he never found that site. My good friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later. I am envious!

  13. Because you know everything about them and him, every detail to where you can say with all certainty that he directs mean comments to her and he's a douche bag?
    And if you are in fact certain of these things why are you watching his videos…?


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