edX MicroBachelors Programs – Ned’s Story


when I was a kid I mean when I was a
really young kid my dream job was gonna be a garbage man because they get to
ride on the back of garbage trucks. Being a garbage man is maybe not the most
glamorous thing in the world so then I set my sights firmly on being a
professional baseball player and that didn’t work out. As an undergraduate, I worked at a paper here in Boston doing sports writing. One
of the things I was really looking to get out of school was skills that I
could apply directly to a job that I was doing and so much of a four-year
undergraduate bachelor’s degree is taking history classes and taking
sociology classes and taking physics classes and taking things that I just
spent four years doing that kind of thing in high school. I actually was
sort of forced to take a break, so my GPA got low enough that that I ended up
getting put on academic probation. To make ends meet I ended up having to pick
up pick up a second job working during the day and so I took a job at a
stringed instrument company. It was five days a week at the warehouse three
nights a week at the paper and then all day Saturday at the paper. It became too
much sort of having both jobs and that’s really when I started to explore going
back to school or at least, um, completing my undergraduate education. The on-campus
experience, the traditional undergraduate experience, wasn’t going to work for me
and I ended up finding a really great online program and so I spent eighteen
months working during the day and taking online classes in the evening and
on the weekends to finish out my bachelor’s degree. Finishing my degree
online was some that really really worked for me and I wanted to help build
a company that was going to be bringing that same level of online education out
to the whole to the whole world there’s a lot of people out there that
are not well served by traditional educational institutions that have a lot
of trouble either in the classroom or on campus; people who are working, people who
you know maybe have disabilities or they can’t actually get get to school and so
that was one of the things that really really made me excited to work at edX.
One of the things that makes me so excited about working on micro Bachelors
is this idea of the small bite-sized courses bundled together to give you
those discrete and very clear obviously applicable pieces of learning that you
can take directly into your career into your day to day and start using
everything that you’re learning every day on the next day. My name is Ned, I’m a marketing project manager in edX.



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