How to make a great foil pipe (with 45 degree angle tip)


Some people prefer the shiny side of
the foil on the inside of the pipe some people prefer the dull side it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference. The first fold is just about one
and a half centimetres along the edge and then we do the same again on the other side. The next fold is pretty arbitrary but somewhere
around a third of the way in to the paper. The final fold will determine the length of the pipe,
so if you like a long pipe you can fold about here or a short pipe bring it in closer And now, with the side with the folds on the inside we make two 45 degree folds: one larger than the other Then, folding in again. So now this side has all the folds on it and we turn the foil over so we have the longer edge here. This surface here, roughly this area, will
eventually be the inside surface of the pipe over which all of the crack or heroin will pass. Put a pencil in there
and keeping things nice and tight Fold that in. So here we have the pipe Now I have to say that this foil because
of its density – its heaviness – is more difficult to do this on than domestic
foil but what I’m doing here I’m unfolding it slightly
and the thin end of the pipe you can now tuck under here and this enables users to fold the pipe up
and gradually crimp it up so that’s now tucked in on itself – crimped up And now the pipe is complete This pipe has a 45 degree beveled edge so when people are smoking using it the position relative to the foil is like that


  1. why waste time doing this when you could just use the pen you used to make it? that way if you step on it or put something on it you wont flatten it and have to waste time making another one..

  2. Basically if I ever come home and find my kids doing this I am going to hunt you down and make you eat the foil or maybe smoke a big fat hit yourself. Or better yet I will find out who and where your kids reside and somehow I will introduce them to this. Somehow. I am shocked.  We have a drug epidemic and what, you think "Oh let's just give them access", but look at the class action lawsuit against the makers of Oxycontin. Oxycodone was first synthesized in 1904 and by 1905 we knew it was one of the most addictive compounds known to man. But why? WE asked, it is only made out of codeine. But if we all recall, codeine metabolizes to 3,6 norcodeine and morphine, any metabolite of oxycodone may theoretically do a similar thing. And it did indeed break down to 3,6 noroxycodone and oxymorphone, a compound at least 10X as strong as morphine. That is why a person who breaks a leg can use one or two Percocet and be asleep all afternoon. Give him two weeks however and that one may be up to 10 or 12 a day. Hey I never meant to threaten that was not to be. I used it as a literary device to express my shock and dismay that drugs are so much a part of our culture and so "available" that I was a little hurt by it in fact. I buried my best friend in 2001 from an apparent "overdose" maybe. It went like this: his daughter told me they think he was very high and almost in a black out and got on his bike and wiped out and caused such a head injury a stroke resulted from it. At any rate it was a closed casket because of all the "work" they had to do to get the pressure down in his skull- you know what I mean don't you. To try and save his life they drilled holes in his head, that is what his daughter told me and it messed up his face so bad they closed the box. I didn't even get to see him good bye.

  3. Some people think that this video is immoral, thats far from the truth. how dangerous a drug is, is largely determined by its route of administration. there is a huge difference chewing coca leaves and smoking crack because of the so called kinetics. by smoking crack the drug reaches the brain much faster and in much higher amount. once in the brain the drug is identical. so if this video gets some people from stopping injecting and starting to smoke its a huge harm reduction for the user. thats why governments give out needles. its not to encourage dug use at all but to reduce the harm a drug does. and it has been show to do that in a lot of studies. its science yo

  4. I can never get Bobby and Whitney to vap properly. The Afghan always leads the charge while whitney takes her time. By then I usually black out and when I come back whitney's still there to liven things up again. Small mercys I guess.

  5. You're moving too fast for my drug-addled brain… And rotating the foil around making it difficult to follow what you're doing. I think I've made it properly and it seems sturdy. Thanks for the tip.

  6. I have my own method, wich is a lot easier than this one.
    Basically, all you need to do is to fold the 4 borders inwards and you're ready to roll it with the pencil. Just make sure to pass your tongue through the border first and it will immediatly stick together and glue itlsef once you get the pencil out. And that's it, you're good to use it. No need for all those extra foldings just to make sure it doesn't unfold again.
    Once you're done using, you can open it and re-use the remains without waste, because the 4 initial foldings will serve as extra borders that will help retain all the substance in.

    I like to use the dull side to smoke on. I have not found any real problem with the other side, but it seems to make the taste better for me and even, believe it not, help prolongue the act (the shiny part, somehow, helps to vaporize the smack faster). Some people burn the foil fist, but there's no reason for having to do that.

    Anyway, stay safe smoking on foil! It has a ton of advantages over needles.

  7. Just make a steam roller

    Supplies: pvc pipe , socket , (optional) screen

    Drill hole in the pic pipe then get the socket nice and air tight in the hole then pack a bowl and get baked

  8. Ok so this isn't a pipe at all, this is what we call a "tooter" which is used to suck up the heroin smoke that is vaporized on the foil.. All honesty you could just use a straw or pen but this method will allow you to save all the resin, then unfold the tooter and smoke it directly off the foil without having to transfer the resin.

  9. Very nice: ) I had a different style but with the same closing mechanism so that its not gona open up. Sadly or … what im say? Its nice to be clean for about 9years now. Im only made my home grown papaver and i eat it or smoke it with special pipe at special events. so im more a Connoisseur rather than a street junky and that is just fine. these gifts from the gods are not meant to be taken on daily doses! its a gift and so have to respect and chill like its the same with Marijuana and or other "Gifts from Mother Earth"
    I do not say : Don't take it, but i say take it as a gift and enjoy the full pleasure and stay safe! don't take too much!


  10. heack ya your supose to burn before prepin, thats toxix, n the other idiot naking a pipe from a light bulb dident even wash the white stuff out, its poison, but what do we expect from a idiot , he even smoked meth on vidio , lame!!!

  11. I have terrible problems smoking heroin because I dribble everywhere. I produce so much saliva the foil tube is oozing with saliva. So I often have to smoke marijuana before to dry my mouth out.

  12. this video is unclear too fast and secondly its a stupidly more complicated way to make a tube. please take this on board

  13. Scratching the NUT, can or can't we use the glass crack pegipe to smegoke the smegack, eggiebehack/ Does the glass crack with gauses accomidate a point .01 or .02 for instance. Please Do Tell ??? ifin ya could,,,

  14. He right but one of the main reason you build pipe like this if for after you smoked gear then you open up the tooter get the gear you catch in the middle of the foil much better like that.

  15. makes me wanna toot of brown n I've been clean 12 yrs I never messed about like that imagine doing it his way when you got a rattle on.

  16. Wow! Check out all of the complete and utter tossers in the comment section getting triggered simply because the OP mentioned heroin. And yet I'm certain that 9 out of 10 of these people were planning on loading this pipe with tobacco, which is far more harmful to one's vital organs and just as addictive. The hypocrisy expressed in some of these comments is so formidable that a certain Mr. Hippocrates himself would blush if he were to read them and yes I'm aware that this comment has triggered you too but don't fret my special little snowflake because you might still grow a pair yet.

  17. Heroin isnt a drug, well no more than valerian root etc, it's actually really good for you like all holistic medicine. I know this because i take it every day and i feel great, but as soon as i miss a day or two I start feeling really sick and ill again.
    Then, as soon as i take it again i feel fine, that's how i know it's good for me and should be taken regularly every day, just like my Prozac and valium.
    NOTE This is sarcastic irony and not meant to reflect real life in anyway shape or form, holistic medicine does not work

  18. Can't believe the guy took the time to show how to roll up a bit foil into a tube. Blue Peter/Art Attack stuff. 🤣
    Informative for people wanting to play with foil. I'd be more impressed if he showed how to make a pirates hat and sword out of foil

  19. Bastards. That is called pipe!! When you said pipe, it is round and has a space inside. There are so many classification of pipe. Glass pipe, plastic pipe, concrete pipe, etc. “TOOTER” is just a call sign or “a.k.a” / alias.


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