Interview with William Annoh, MSc Business and Management graduate | University of Essex Online


My name is William Annoh I studied an MSc in business and management I’m not too sure how I feel right now to be
honest but I’m really excited about this opportunity to actually come here for
the graduation. The degree was a very great experience and hearing the
speakers today and the things they said and relating to our struggles
quote-unquote during the the process was was very it was very inspiring and I
felt really really proud of myself Well first off I was working and
studying at the same time, that in itself was a very big not big but
it was it was a struggle if I should say had to go to work,
stayed long hours, trying to finish my modules, find stuff, submit my
assignments my module, final module assignment, my dissertation was
you know it was difficult to get through the dissertation because you have to do
research, you need to go speak to participants and need to juggle that with
work at the same time, so it was a bit of a struggle, but in the long run, I
mean, the end justify the means and I’m proud of myself, I’m glad I was able to
have this opportunity to study here at University of Essex Online. I was able to make friends all over the
world, I was particularly impressed with the way that the online programme
was structured. So I worked in higher education and so it was very good, was
very good insights for me as to how we, for example, can structure such programmes
for our institution. The benefits were incredible, I mean my Student
Adviser Rebecca Lewis was very helpful in advising me and guiding me
through the process. All the faculty who taught us the modules were
very very helpful, they taught me so much. I’ve learnt a lot of things and I’m
willing and ready to use them in my in my career path yes I I particularly love the discussion
forums I mean it was there was a platform for us to engage with each
other so it helped us as some online
participants to get to know each other think about different things you know
the panelists today sorry the speaker today mention about this agreeing to
disagree or disagree in to agree you know it was something that we learned
how to do very well during these discussions
it could help me open my mind to a lot of different ideas and so I loved that
particular aspect of it well now that I’ve learned my degree first
thing I plan to do is to better myself in my role at work I just started a new
role last month and so I’m looking forward to using my experiences from here to grow
that on the side I do some consultancy as well and I have helped manage a few
people in showbiz this is a great degree that I can use to project manage the
thing that I do on that front also I plan to start my consultancy
full-blown in a couple of years so I’m sure that inside from this degree will
be very helpful in helping me do that it’s not impossible you can do it it’s
really not impossible I mean it’s it’s not going to be easy but it’s going to
be worth it


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